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The world’s first Digital Dogs™

Say hello to a Digital Dog

Cross-app, AI Digital Dogs NFTs for immersive realities, including metaverses, VR, AR, social games, and more. Your trusted companion across virtual worlds!

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Train your Digital Dog from your first encounter

If you’ve ever given an IRL puppy its forever home, you already know the feeling and the connection made during those first few moments together. The bond forged with a puppy is unlike anything else, and we tried to replicate that experience starting from day 1.

When you mint a DNA vial and begin the incubation process, you’ll be able to interact and impact your future pup and many of its dynamic traits as it develops into an embryo. Soon after, you’ll meet your new best fren - your Digital Dog - who will always be at your side.

Explore The Metaverse with Laika The First Digital Dog


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Digital Dogs - Unlocking the power of AI

An interoperable software solution leveraging multiple AI technologies, natural language processing (NLP), image recognition, reinforcement learning, and conversational AI to mimic the cognitive abilities of pets and the ways we interact with them.

Cross-app companionship

Just like IRL, you will be able to take your Digital Dog anywhere. Move from Metaverse to metaverse and your doggos’ appearance may change a bit, but, it will still be your doggo. The Digital Dogs SDK enables users to experience their favorite apps with their best buds at their side.

How the magic happens.

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We Kudos The Real Heros

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Service dogs were the true inspiration for The Digital Pets Company.

From their training program to the important work they do. That’s why we choose to donate 1% of the vials sale to GDA - Guide Dogs Of America.

The funds will go to GDA and help facilitate the very important cause they work for and fund the training.
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